Installation is easy, but primitive (I hope to provide standard Eclipse feature discovery and download in some time).

  • First download JCommander from SourceForge at the JCommander download page. Make sure to take 0.71 or higher.
  • Install JCommander.
  • Download the Dctm VFS JCmd Plugin from SourceForge at the Dctm VFS download page.
  • Unzip the Dctm VFS JCmd Plugin archive in your JCommander installation directory.
  • Windows users can download the startup script startupJCmd.cmd from the Dctm VFS download page and place it in the JCommander installation directory. Adapt the JAVA_HOME, DM_SHARED and DM_CONFIG environment variables and use the script to start JCommander instead of the jcmd.exe executable.

    Important note: spaces in paths seem to cause problems. If one of your paths contains spaces e.g. c:/program files/x use the DOS notation c:/progra~1/x instead.

  • Users of other platforms should figure it out for themselves for the time being (and are used to that I guess...)