Dctm VFS Provider

Welcome to the Dctm VFS Provider homepage.

This plugin for the Apache Commons VFS system allows you to access Documentum as a filesystem.

The first version (0.1) provides read access only focussed on stability and documentation. Read access includes browsing the docbase, reading files and exporting to another file system.

Version 0.2 is provides write access.

Version 0.3 (trunk) adds operations, such as dump and dql.

To use this plugin you can use any VFS enabled tool.

A good tool for development and working with VFS is the VFS Shell command line tool. With this you can do all VFS operations (e.g. copy, move, delete, attribute manipulations and operation execution} and use all kind of shell enhancements (e.g. pushd, popd, dirs). You can also use scripts, both vfs scripts and Beanshell scripts. The Shell can also, experimentally, used in an SSHD server with support for SCP and SFTP.

You can also use the VFS bridge for Apache Mina FTP Server. With this you can use the Apache Mina FTP Server to connect to any filesystem that is supported by VFS or one of its plugins.

Here you also find a plugin for the JCommander file manager.

Mule and Apache ServiceMix are two open source ESBs that support Apache VFS.

Scheme and URL Format

The scheme used for accessing Documentum is 'dctm'. The URL is formatted as follows:




all point to the Sysadmin folder in the System cabinet in docbase MyDocbase.

The user name and password can be set using a Authentication object or be specified in the URL explicitly (Values that are put in the URI override values provided by the Authentication object).

Abstraction layer

Although Apache Commons VFS already is an abstraction layer, this plugin also intends to abstract from how Documentum is accessed. Currently there are two different client implementations:

  • One that connects to Documentum using primarily DQL, it uses chronicle ids as basic identification.
  • A second that does not access Documentum at all but piggy-backs on another Virtual File System. It can be used to test your application without accessing Documentum.