Dctm VFS JCommander Plugin

Welcome to the Dctm VFS JCommander Plugin homepage.

This plugin is not maintained anymore

This plugin allow you to use the JCommander filemanager to browse your docbases.

JCommander provides an easy-to-use interface with different views (Explorer like tree-style, Norton Commander pane-style), is Open Source and is Multi-Platform.

Scheme and URL Format

The scheme used for accessing Documentum is 'dctm'. The URL is formatted as follows:




points to the Sysadmin folder in the System cabinet in docbase MyDocbase.

JCommander does not show your password in the URLs visible in the interface.

However, if you don't feel comfortable typing your password in a visible format there is a better solution. You can use the 'Open Directory URL (simplified)' option in the file menu. This dialogue lets you enter the specific parts of the URL separately (Protocol, Host, Username, Password and Directory) and hides the passworf characters. Note that for the Protocol you should just enter dctm, without the '://'. The Host is the name of the Docbase you want to connect to. Remember that the actual address of the docbroker is specified in your dmcl.ini file.

Known limitations

JCommander does not allow external editors to work on remote files. That's why you View only works if the internal viewer of JCommander is used (txt and xml are supported) and Edit does not work at all. As a work-around you can manually export the file to your local filesystem before viewing.

Very large lists of documents are not workable. If you have thousands of items in a folder, then you should not try to display them.