Dctm VFS

Welcome to the Dctm VFS Project homepage.

This project provides a plugin for the Apache Commons VFS system that allows you to access EMC Documentum as a filesystem.

This plugin can then be used in any VFS enabled tool. See the Dctm VFS Provider pages for more details.

If you are a developer you can use the VFS API in your code directly. If not, you'll need some kind of user interface.

The module that allows you to use the Apache FTPServer as an interface has moved to the VFS Utils project!

This module provides a VFS based implementation of two modules of Apache FTPServer, the user manager and the file system manager. With this you can use the Apache FTPServer to connect to any VFS Provider, including the Dctm VFS Provider. See VFS FTP homepage for more information. On this site only the version compatible with the java1.4 branch will be kept for reference.

The VFS Utils project also hosts a VFS Shell command line tool. This provides you with a command shell that works on the VFS. It is based on the Shell example of Apache Commons VFS but has some additional features such as pushd, popd, attribute and operation commands.

Another front-end you can use is JCommander, a Java based file manager that uses the Apache VFS layer. An Eclipse feature and plugin are provided to easily add support for the Dctm VFS Provider to JCommander.

See the installation instructions of the JCommander plugin module. [Note: The plugin supported here is not kept up-to-date]

Apache VFS is also supported by other tools, for example by two open source ESB implementations, Mule and Apache ServiceMix. Hopefully the number of tools will further increase in the future.

This project is hosted at SourceForge.


  • Made the session manager better suited for multithreaded use
  • Moved FTPServer VFS Bridge and VFS shell application to http://vfs-utils.sourceforge.net
  • Changed to version 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT
  • Changed to version 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT
  • Created a branch for 0.1.x
  • Changed from version 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT to 0.1.0
  • FTPServer VFS bridge has been added
  • Sandbox has been added
  • First preview version of the Dctm VFS JCommander plugin is available.


The libraries on which the project depends are not entirely stable at this moment. This does not mean it isn't usable, but rather that it will change soon to adapt to new versions.

The version used of Apache Commons VFS is the 2.0 SNAPSHOT.

The version used of JCommander is the 0.71 SNAPSHOT which is based on the Apache Commons VFS 1.1 SNAPSHOT.